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Toronto District Beekeepers’ Association

A little history please…

The Toronto Beekeepers’ Association (TBKA), has existed since at least 1911, according to an historical invitation found for the “Eleventh Annual Field Day”, held at Pettit Apiaries, Georgetown on May 24th, 1922.
The York Beekeepers’ Association (YBKA) was established sometime in the early 1930s.  Meetings of both associations were suspended during WWII, between 1940 until 1946.  Charles Sauriol, then president of the YBKA, and Jack Robinson, president of the TBKA decided that amalgamating the two groups would be beneficial for both.  The YBKA bank account of $100.00 was integrated with the TBKA bank account, and was henceforth known as the TBKA. The Toronto Beekeepers’ Association changed its name to Toronto District Beekeepers’ Association on December 1st, 1975 when the TBKA amalgamated with the YBKA.

The now and present…

Today, we are a vibrant Association of beekeepers and individuals of all ages, from all walks of life and cultures.  We come together monthly in community, to share with each other our experiences and challenges in the world of Bees.  
We try to learn from each other and share our many ideas. We arrange open monthly meetings and invite Guest Speakers to enrich our knowledge base from the broader Beekeeping Community.
Guest speakers may include local Commercial Beekeepers, Provincial Agencies, Educators, and Researchers. We also organize tours of homegrown established bee yards, and other places of interest. If you are a beekeeper, or are thinking of keeping bees, the TDBA may have something of interest to you?

Come join us for an evening of everything bees.  
Check out the Meeting and Calendar areas of this web page for more information. See what`s new and when the next meeting or event is a happening. Everyone is welcome.
Come join us for an evening of bees
and experience the world of bees in community.‍

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